I'm using the laser post processor in VCarve to generate Gcode.

I’m using the laser post processor in VCarve to generate Gcode. I then use load gcode from file. The image shows up on the LW4 desktop. When I hit RUN the laser head starts following the vector but the laser won’t fire. Raster engraving works fine. Any thoughts?

Are you using smoothie or grbl-lpc? The vecttic post doesn’t set the right pre-gcodes for grbl. I’m not at my computer right now, to look up the setting but I think it needs a M4 for grbl to work.

You also need to set the spindle rpm 100=100% power, 50=50% etc.

Yay I love not having to support my own work. Thanks Jim :slight_smile:

@raykholo lol I spent a few minutes looking at the post last night and figured out what I was doing wrong.

When I bring in a Gcode created with the post processor I added to VCarve there are no controls available in the files window also the Gcode doesn,t show under documents, The Gcode will run the laser X and Y but the laser won’t fire.

Laserweb has no means to modify existing gcode that is imported so there won’t be any “controls” available in the Files window. It won’t show under the document window either.

If you need to edit gcode, you need to use a text editor or modify within the Vectric software.

Please post the gcode so I can look at it.

I’m using the Cohesion mini on my K40.