I'm trying to use Printer WebUI and need a little a bit of help.

I’m trying to use Printer WebUI and need a little a bit of help. I have every thing working awesome, I can do the fake printer thing and it all works. The old thing that isnt working is my pi seeing my printer! The most important part is the only part working. when i connect it to my PC it connects with COM6 no issue. So how do I get my PI to see my RAMPS?

What shows up in the drop-down list in Printer WebUI?

it just shows AUTO ,/dev.ttyAC0 ,and VIRTUAL

i would think it would be the /dev/ttyAC0 but when I try and do any thing it fails on me.

Mine is /dev/ttyACM0.
Are you by any chance trying to connect with a 250000 baud?

Yes I am. Should I change .? And why would the baud make it not work?

I do see a lot of people using 115200

250000 baud works for some Pi users, but not for all - they say it’s a bug in pyserial that occurs only on Linux. 115200 will work (you’ll need to re-upload the firmware, of course).

Kk I will go Chang it right now and see if it works

That was it! That’s a ton @Thomas_Sanladerer

According to some forums, 230400 should also work. The Arduino can only work with 250000 without a clock error, but 230400 should still be a bit faster than 115200. I’m running 115200, too, but I’ll try out 230400 this afternoon.

@Benjamin_Engel you’re welcome! :slight_smile:

Post on here how it goes I’d like to know. not going to try it my self as it’s almost 2AM here. But tomorrow Im going to read all the code for the webui stuff and see if I can contribute back at all

I’ll go and add a note to the Raspi instructions regarding this.