I'm trying to use Auto Level on a flat aluminum plate,

I’m trying to use Auto Level on a flat aluminum plate, but the units in the Auto Level widget are giving me trouble. My gcode has a 12" x 12" workspace which Auto Level plugs in as 12 in both the X and Y dimensions. The distance between probes is set at 5. In the workspace it looks like it will probe every 5" but when I run the probe it probes every 5 mm. If I change the x and y dimensions to 130mm, the area to probe expands far beyond my workspace. How can I reconcile the units between the workspace, the area to probe and the distance between probes?

It seems it was mentioned recently that the widget was aimed at metric but I could be wrong.

In between changes click auto-fill and it should fix the scaling issue. Just my opinion, sure someone with more experience will get you fixed up.

Feel free to fork the Auto-Level widget to add inches as a first-class citizen. It wouldn’t be that hard to do, but it’s just not been a priority. I know I tend to only work in mm now despite the fact I live in the U.S. because it’s a global village out there now and metric has generally won the game.