I'm trying to print Zip Top Bay ( http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:33765 ) with ABS.

I’m trying to print Zip Top Bay (http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:33765) with ABS. After several attempt, I got a nice and smooth first layer. But at at the end of the third layer, curling started and by the 5th layer about 33% of the object left the bed and the print had to be stopped. Next time I shall try with higher bed temperature (I used 100C) and/or acetone on the bed. Probably both. Any other advices?

I use blue tape as a print surface and 120C for the bed temp. Remember that the temp at the edges of your bed is not necessarily the same as where the thermistor is. It appears that you are printing directly on the glass, if there are any oils (from your fingers) on that it could easily cause adhesion issues.

I’m printing my ABS on PET tape (https://dx.com/p/pet-heat-resistant-high-temperature-adhesive-tape-24mm-33m-20-250-c-21361) cleaned with Isopropyl Alcohol. Would blue painter tape works better for this kind of print?

Ah ok, the PET should provide good adhesion, not sure what’s up with that. Maybe just the temp. The larger the part the more the edges move when it shrinks.

You can certainly give blue tape a try. I find it easier to work with.

Don’t print ABS on blue tape. It will not come off afterwards. The biggest thing to do is to dissolve some ABS (a little bit) in some acetone, and spread that on the bed before printing. It’ll keep the part stuck to the glass, and will give you no problems being removed once the bed is cooled down.

ABS juice is the way ! Once advised to it everything stuck. Let them stay there until cooled slowly though or they may warp after.

hairspray on glass also works wonderfully

Raft or brim then some drops of acethone in each corners. My bed is limited to 85deg but it works fine like that.