I'm trying to make a ChiliPeppr tinyg workspace that will be acceptable to a

I’m trying to make a ChiliPeppr tinyg workspace that will be acceptable to a machinist friend who is rebuilding a CNC mill. He wants something a lot simpler without all the programmer-centric features - e.g. he will never want to fork a widget when he is running his mill, and PubSubs are completely meaningless to him. He wants a clean look without a bunch of stuff he will never use and doesn’t understand.

I have managed to do a lot of what I want by judicious use of visibility:hidden in workspace.css, but one thing is eluding me. I don’t want the serial console to resize at the drop of a hat. I’d rather have it sit there quietly showing one or two output lines, instead of always trying to get large. I know how to change the resize code in that widget, but I’d really rather do it at the workspace level because all these widget forks are getting a little crazy. Can anybody suggest a workspace-level way to tame the serial console widget?

Well, one technique you could use is to override the Javascript resize method simply by rewriting the method from your own code. Javascript basically lets you rewrite anybody’s methods because all of the code is available from the global namespace. So, get a reference to the serial console object and then rewrite the resize method. All objects are available from the cprequire() call. It will return the instance in memory.

What workspace are you creating? I’d love to check it out. It sounds fun.