I'm trying to find a link to a 300mm^2,

I’m trying to find a link to a 300mm^2, 110v Silicone heater but can’t come up with one on Ali Express.
Anyone got any pointers?
Do I have to make a custom request?
Thanks ahead of time.

Ali Brother or Keenovo, I’ve had Keenovo make me custom sizes and power specs before. Shoot them an email if you don’t find what you need.

Just ask for a quote for the size and volts/wattage here:

I think most people here have been dealing with sivialiang@alirubber.com.cn
Just send an email. They are pretty quick.

Keenovo is really good! They also make custom sizes but 300mm is standard.

Seconding the alirubber recommendation. They will make custom sizes, at custom resistances/wattage/voltage

Thanks for the advice fella’s!

Found this one too. I can lump it in for shipping http://www.robotdigg.com/product/115/300mm+Silicone+Rubber+Heater+Pad

That one’s “12V or 24V 300W” What happens if you throw 110V AC at it?

110v was one of the options

Whoops, didn’t see the drop down sorry.

No worries. I always appreciate verification! Now if I could just get through robotdigg’s weird “human in the middle” shipping quote deal I could get the parts shipped!