I'm trying to find a link to a 300mm^2,

(Kevin Conner) #1

I’m trying to find a link to a 300mm^2, 110v Silicone heater but can’t come up with one on Ali Express.
Anyone got any pointers?
Do I have to make a custom request?
Thanks ahead of time.

(Ray Kholodovsky) #2

Ali Brother or Keenovo, I’ve had Keenovo make me custom sizes and power specs before. Shoot them an email if you don’t find what you need.

(Oliver Seiler) #3

Just ask for a quote for the size and volts/wattage here:

(Oliver Seiler) #4

I think most people here have been dealing with sivialiang@alirubber.com.cn
Just send an email. They are pretty quick.

(Hakan Evirgen) #5

Keenovo is really good! They also make custom sizes but 300mm is standard.

(ThantiK) #6

Seconding the alirubber recommendation. They will make custom sizes, at custom resistances/wattage/voltage

(Kevin Conner) #7

Thanks for the advice fella’s!

(Kevin Conner) #8

Found this one too. I can lump it in for shipping http://www.robotdigg.com/product/115/300mm+Silicone+Rubber+Heater+Pad

(Chris Brent) #9

That one’s “12V or 24V 300W” What happens if you throw 110V AC at it?

(Kevin Conner) #10

110v was one of the options

(Chris Brent) #11

Whoops, didn’t see the drop down sorry.

(Kevin Conner) #12

No worries. I always appreciate verification! Now if I could just get through robotdigg’s weird “human in the middle” shipping quote deal I could get the parts shipped!