I'm trying to download the "Twinkling Lights" code to my Gemma2 using the Arduino

(Patty L) #1

I’m trying to download the “Twinkling Lights” code to my Gemma2 using the Arduino 1.6.4 IDE and a NeoPixel Jewel. The first problem is that the sketch exceeds the 5130 byte limit. By commenting out a few delays, I got it to fit (I suspect I will need the delays, so appreciate some help shrinking it a bit). The only think the Jewel does is shine bright white on all the pixels. I had to change the pin from 9 to 1 to replace the Trinket used in the tutorial. Any other suggestions on what might be going wrong? I ran the strandtest on my Jewel and it is working correctly. I am using the BITS_PER_DIRECTION_FLAG == 1.

(Daniel Garcia) #2

Arduino 1.6.4 introduced problems for the attiny85 - there’s a workaround solution here - https://github.com/FastLED/FastLED/issues/164 - I haven’t had a chance to get a more permanent fix into the code.

(Patty L) #3

Wow - that was blazing fast. Setting the compiler flag to -O1 in platform.txt worked for me. Thanks a million or two!