I'm trying out MatterControl for the first time,

I’m trying out MatterControl for the first time, I am impressed with it so far. Since it is so easy to change slicing engines, I think this will replace everything else for me. What is everyone’s thoughts on MatterControl?

My thoughts? I was not impressed at all. Not in the least. No sir.
But that raises a question. What do you like so much about it? Maybe I missed it.

I have hardly used it, but so far, for me, it runs better on my PC then Slic3r with a better UI, has more options then Cura with easier to access advanced settings, and is more stream lined then Repetier. Those are the only other programs I’ve used.
Obviously I need to spend more time with it, but it seems quite good for what I need.

Also, I only use it to export Gcode, I control my printer with @OctoPrint .

I have strong dislike of matter control. It crashes, the interface is confusing and not intuitive, it’s not well documented, only recently dual extrusion was added. The automatic printer leveling routine is worse than marlin firmware.

There’s no need to use it and repetier is the best multi-slicer option. Cura is great for me.