I'm thinking sorta seriously about adapting this for the Z axis.

I’m thinking sorta seriously about adapting this for the Z axis. It’s probably cheaper than the Ø10mm bearing rods, and maybe easier to deal with (aluminum can be cut to length much more easily). With custom long carriages, it might even be more rigid.

Interested in trying one of these out myself. I tried one with ball bearings once, and it was awesome but I’m not sure how accurate they can be.

Accuracy is a good question. That requires some thought.

If a v- shaped rail were added on each end where the slot meets the carriage and a pre-load spring system were added I think prints would be slightly less critical and the guide would keep a snug fit as it wears due to the springs also 4x 643’s could be used in the side slots to stabilize it further (depends on size of extrusion slots). These also could use springs .

Speaking of wearing in, I wonder if an ABS carriage would get dimpled after a period of inactivity. I sometimes go several weeks between prints, and I have a couple stressed parts on my printer that have relaxed from a preloaded condition. Maybe this isn’t a good idea after all.

@Dale_Dunn what about nylon? 645 or bridge…

Polycarbonate maybe, but I’m not set up to handle it. The new machine will have the capability. Nylon… I just don’t know.

with nylon you could design it to exploit the flexibility and use itself for preload

Heh. I’ve done that with ABS (just not for a bearing race). That’s how I know it creeps.

hmmm. from all of the taulman destruction vids Ive seen. I’m reasonably sure nylon will be better than abs.

Did any of the destruction vids take months? That’s the time frame that’s concerning me.

OK, I found some data for Nylon creep: http://www.toray.jp/plastics/en/products/amilan/technical/tec_001.html It looks like it stabilizes after 100 hours in the test, a few percent deformation. So, after a week of inactivity, there may be some notchiness in the bearing, depending on how much preload was applied. Very little preload should be necessary, so it may work out alright.

Prints like abs but more resilient in my (limited) experience…

Cheap too… great material… going to print a lot of my ingentis bits in hips…

Don’t know bout long-term tho…