I'm testing the mill-pocket on lw4 destop.

I’m testing the mill-pocket on lw4 destop. I have used very different svg, complex and simple, and it always seems to stop at 50% and tremendously increases the use of CPU and memory resources

Try and use a values of 0.5 on the segment field

@Ariel_Yahni_UniKpty Do you think it would make sense to change the default segment length to 0.5 instead of 0.1?

@cprezzi Not sure but i know that i have stuck with 0.5 because after testing so many times its just on the edge of changing the shape of the path. But it could mess up some other paths and the users will not know whats going on.

Ok, I’ll make some tests to see how much detail a segment length of 0.5 would take away.

At the moment, the “CPU overload/too big file” issue comes up quite often.
That could be mostly solved by a higher default.
Question is, how many users then will complain the “lost details” instead. Both issues needs to be documented anyway.

@cprezzi exactly. Most users won’t read any documentation nor pinned post , the only way would be to introduce some kind of overlay to inform the user of this kind of things