I'm still trying to setup my Laserbuild and has I haven't yet used my

I’m still trying to setup my Laserbuild and has I haven’t yet used my kickstarter Smoothieboard V1 besides from playing around with the config having it attached to a computer I’m still struggling with some basics.

I’ve bought a Recom R-78E5.0-0.5 and soldered it in. My plan was to power it with 12V from a power supply and having everything powered with that. That didn’t work. After unsoldering the Recom again i tried powering it through the 5V pins with an external step down that I had installed for a Raspberry Pi that will also be running in the setup. This one was a DSWY2596 with 2A(3A max) which should be good to go. After trying that out that worked first but quickly stopped working again. I found out that the DSWY suddenly only has 1.5V on the output side instead of 5.1V before (it’s adjustable). I tried readjusting and it looks like it’s broken - i can only adjust it up to 6.1V now instead of 12V before. I continued looking at the smoothieboard and tried to find out why the Recom didn’t work. Interestingly I could measure +12V between the negative side on the 12V input and all 3 pins of the Voltage regulator. This looks wrong to me!?

I really don’t have any deeper knowledge in electronics so bear with me if I did something wrong but to me this looks weird.

I’m sure I double checked wiring anytime before switching anything on so I can quite surely eliminate any wiring issues - at least as I knew everything right :slight_smile:

Thanks for any help

Why didn’t the Recom work ? It works for everybody else, that’s not normal … How didn’t it work ?

Well looks like I was just tricked by the reversed order of the pads behind the plug for the main power. Looks like plugged them wrong way :confused: definitely my fault but definitely confusing :confused:

@Helmi Oh the documentation warns about that, I believe in several places, yes.