I'm still doing basic testing, but I found  the following...

(Todd Miller) #1

I’m still doing basic testing, but I found the following…

My laser worked best running LaserDRW doing ‘trial’
etching VS Corel12’s etching…

Using Corel12, engraving was a disaster but cutting
worked fine.

Today I discovered the property box/settings were
different between the two programs regarding the
MainBoard / Machine ID.

In Corel12, I changed the MainBoard setting to;

6C6879-LASER-M2 (same as set in LaserDRW)

and now Corel Engraving manager is working better.

(Yuusuf Sallahuddin (Y.S. Creations)) #2

Seems a lot of people had this same problem early on. I also had this same issue with the mainboard ID being incorrect in the CorelDraw software.

(Anthony Coafield) #3

I had the same issue. Set up and worked fine in LaserDRW, but had to set it up again in CorelLaser.