I'm setting up LaserWeb on a RPi,

I’m setting up LaserWeb on a RPi, but it seems that https://github.com/LaserWeb/lw.comm-server has not been updated in a while?

i have mine running on a rpi but keep in mind it can only run the server and not the frontend so you still have to access it from a computer. At least it removes the long usb wire that I had running across the garage floor :stuck_out_tongue: I had trouble with using a rpi 3 so I think I went back to a rpi 2 model b and it worked perfectly. Will confirm when I get home tonight.

@Domm434 I’m aware of that. My question only relates to the available binary builds (there are daily builds for Linux x86_64, but not for RPi).

i just followed the guide to install through terminal on the rpi on https://cncpro.yurl.ch/documentation/installation/36-install-raspberry-pi. Works great, shouldnt that do the trick?

@Domm434 Yes, it works, but the LaserWeb frontend you get that way is not the latest one, unlike the Windows/Linux builds.

ahh kk makes sense now.

You are right, the frontend that is served by the server is quite old. You should just use the installer for the frontend on a PC and change the Server IP in the connection settings to the one of your Raspi.

@cprezzi But that means that each of the ~30 users of my space’s laser cutter will have to keep their LaserWeb installation up to date. So much nicer to just serve it from the RPi. Ah well, guess I’ll try to get the build environment up and running.

We suggest to use the installer, not the website, because that one is allways uptodate.
I am also operating a FabLab but we only allow to run jobs from a special PC beside the laser (for security reason).

To update the served website you need to replace the app folder content of lw.comm-server with the content of a recently compiled LW4 distribution folder.

@cprezzi Maybe you can be of some help on this one, because I’m trying to install the server on my rpi 3 and at first I couldn’t get the IP correctly, it only gave me the IP. Now that I’ve reinstalled raspbian from a fresh copy, it simply doesn’t install the npm correctly. I really would like to use it on my machines but I’m not being able to install it correctly.