I'm sat here and just noticed that the reel of PLA that i'm currently

I’m sat here and just noticed that the reel of PLA that i’m currently printing with is running low…

now I’ve been using E bay for my supply… but with E bay being a expensive way to sell things… and me looking to get 4 or 5 rolls of different colours is there anyone out there in the UK who can recommend a suppler before i go and Buy it now…



I’m not in the UK but I’ve heard good things about Faberdashery’s PLA:


I got a sample kit from faberdashery and its good stuff; I’d be ordering all my filament from them if the shipping to the us wasn’t so brutal

@Jason_Gullickson buy from http://printbl.com if you’re using PLA. Diamond Age filament is better than faberdashery.

Does printbl have 1.75 pla?

I agree with @ThantiK , but http://printbl.com doesn’t have 1.75mm yet.

They should have it soon last I recall.

Diamond Age (http://printbl.com’s supplier) makes 1.75mm filament, but it’s the same price (well, within 10%) per meter as 3mm (3x the price by volume/weight). This is because it takes the same amount of time on the filament extruder per meter to make. They’re working on a die with 3 1.75mm holes so that it can extrude the same volume/hour at that size to bring the price down, but it’s not ready yet.

I use these guys:


They have good quality ABS and PLA at 1.75mm and 3mm

They also sell through amazon.