I'm running out of one color of PLA and want to add my other

I’m running out of one color of PLA and want to add my other filament during my next print, when this one runs out. Any suggestions? Lighter to join the 2? Will they come apart during printing due to twist? Or should I wait till last minute to minimize twist?

Pause, move Z up 30mm, remove old filament, put new filament in, lower Z 30 mm, unpause.

I’d love to but pause in Rep40 doesn’t work. Getting it to stop is almost as bad.

Are you sure it “doesn’t work”?? Marlin can have a pretty big buffer occasionally, and you’ll have to wait for it to empty it out before it responds to commands.

I would use a lighter. I can’t remember what video but barnacules nerdgasm did it on YouTube and it seemed to work fine.

You can try the method as outlined on http://deltaprinter.co.za/filamentjoin/index.html to join the filament

Hmm does anyone have gcode that can be added in to force a filament chance?

So I tried @Herman_Steyn 's suggestion and it sorta worked. I used a lighter for my heat source and it joined nicely, but I was using a little to much force in pushing the 2 pieces together and now there are some sharp bends in the plastic. We’ll see how it works out.

So @ThantiK , during a print last night I tried the pause button on RepG#40, after the print had gone bad, and it never happened. I looked on PronterFace but didn’t see a pause button. I haven’t really put much time in that controller.

The pause button on pronterface is right dead center at the top. Also, you should probably move away from RepG; it hasn’t been developed or even touched in 2 years. RepetierHost is a really good front end if you don’t mind it not being open source any more.

I was messing w/PronterFace today and saw the button. I think I’ll mess with PronterFace for a while.