i'm running into some issues with my tinyg + dewalt 611 setup.

i’m running into some issues with my tinyg + dewalt 611 setup. powering the router off seems to temporarily brick my tinyg until i reset it. resetting it loses my existing location coordinates in chilipeppr. has anyone here overcome such a thing?

right now i have drag chain with the router power cord and shielded stepper wire inside, are these just running parallel for too long a time? anything else i can try?

That could be it… Typically we are more concerned with AC and logic signals interfering with each other and route those cables at right angles to each other. If getting the AC cord out of the drag chain is too much work you could try unplugging that motor from the tinyg and trying to replicate the test.

Also what are you powering your tinyg with?

i guess i’ll take the router apart and pull the power out of the drag chain, that will be easier than messing with all the stepper and limit wiring in the drag chain.

powering the tinyg with the shapeoko2 power supply.

Try turning your limit switches off and see if that does the trick. Mine was having the same problem, you might need to shield those and get them away from the stepper and spindle wires so the emf won’t trigger your switches

Damn, good point. My stepper wiring is shielded but my limits are not. I will pull those off and test. Thanks!

This is only somewhat related but I have to run my cnc mill with the power to the spindle motor on an entirely different circuit than the power to the logic/servomotor supplies because the spindle motor sprays so much back emf that both the controller and the servo drives go crazy.

i tried a separate power source for each, it didn’t seem to help. also installed a ferrule on the router power cable and even a gizmo that promised to deal with the EMF spray. but unshielded limits seems like it may be the culprit.