I'm running chillipeppr with tinyg.

I’m running chillipeppr with tinyg. I’ve done some cutting but today I was trying to set my z axis to zero and the cutting would not start. There is no gcode showing on the left side.
The jason port is connected and everything seems to be normal. I must of screwed something up when I was messing around with the axis. I’m new to this and haven’t got everything figured out yet.

@sam_sam are you using a touch probe? Do you have limit switches? Are all set to NO?

No limit switches or touch probe. When I just tried to use it my serial port was empty. Yesterday it was working. I’ve tried reloading, shutting down, etc but it still is blank. At one point there was a code in it but I think it was the wrong code as the speed and depth cut was too fast. The simulation picture showed the right cuts (1/16") with lots of passes but the cut was fast and deep. Not sure how to proceed now.