I'm running ChiliPeppr under chrome on Windows10 and having trouble setting the work axis

I’m running ChiliPeppr under chrome on Windows10 and having trouble setting the work axis to zero. If I jog the machine to x100 y100 and try setting G54 (or G55) to zero, the console shows the command being sent and a green checkmark, but the coordinate display stays at x100 y100. If I click go to G54 (or G55) Zero, the machine goes to machine zero.
If I clear the browser cache, it works normally for short time. Any thoughts as to why this happens? Is there anything a can set in chrome to stop caching?

Is there any way to show this in a video? I don’t think this is CP because CP is so dumb about this stuff and just relies on the controller, but that’s twice in 2 days where somebody has commented on coordinates acting weird.

Well, add me to the list. Happened twice but I rebooted everything and it started acting like I expected. It is confusing just how it should work. I did not machine home it before setting G54 to zero because I just now added limit switches so I thought it was because I had no real machine zero home set. Something about us idiots hitting buttons seems to make it go out to la la land. It is only recently I had this but I am changing machines a lot so I tend to think it’s user error when things don’t go as expected.

@Steve_Anken I don’t think anybody is seeing their machine go into la la land so you are probably experiencing something else. Only time la la land happens is if you don’t pick the TinyG buffer in the SPJS widget because then you overflow the serial buffer of your CNC controller.

I have the same issue sometimes. I usually restart everything and it’s fine with a fresh everything. It can be annoying though.

Same by me, i guess the status communication between SPJS and the browser doesn’t work at this time. After a refresh, the widget connect again to spjs and everything works. just my 2 cents :slight_smile:

I’ll do some testing and attempt to shoot a video today or tomorrow.
I don’t remember this happening with the previous version of SPJS, so I’ll test that as well.

Nothing changed in that section of SPJS in the last 3 versions, so that seems unlikely to be the issue.

I’m still waiting for this to happen again to shoot a video. Working fine for now. Any chance my touch screen laptop is the culprit? Anyone else with the problem using a touch screen?
On a side note, killing the mouse over help balloons made a big difference in the response of the interface!

Same problem with Chrome OSX 10.4.5.
Sometimes I just restart SPJS and it’s OK, sometimes I restart everything and the problem is still there.

Look at the serial port console and see the command. I’ve seen this too and the command is correct in the serial port console which means it’s TinyG.

Thanks John for your reply.
The command in the serial port seems correct : G10 L2 P1 X0 Y0 Z0
So what with the TinyG ? Firmware, hardware ?
[fb] firmware build 440.20
[fv] firmware version 0.97
[hp] hardware platform 1.00
[hv] hardware version 8.00

It’s TinyG. I’ve seen this happen too.

you mean I have to change the TinyG board or reload the firmware ?

You would have to ask the Synthetos guys.

thanks John