I'm running chilipepper with smoothie and having no luck.

I’m running chilipepper with smoothie and having no luck. I am trying to probe but I keep getting an error about contact before moving? I’ve found a web page about using a smoothie version but I can’t figure out how to set that up. I’m completely new to this tool and have no idea how to get the smoothie working. Any help would be appreciated.

I wasn’t aware there was working support for smoothie.

David, would you be up for getting Smoothie going with ChiliPeppr?

I think I wrote a basic workspace for smoothie a year ago at someone’s request. Asked for testers and got no bites. Perhaps David could look back through the posts.

I would appreciate any help. I can go thru what I have done to get my Smoothie up to running CNC:

  1. I already have the Smoothie working well for 3D printing. But as I discovered, 3D printing does not equal 3D CNC.

  2. I flashed the Smoothie to the latest firmware and have set the following in my config file:
    grbl_mode true
    grbl_mode true

  3. I used the Chilipeppr “grbl” work space and saw a message about using the “smoothie buffer” but I could not find it in the drop down list. I was able to connect and control the Smoothie and my next step was to attempt auto leveling.

  4. I’ve defined pin 1.31 as the probe pin. Probing is working when I do the first point probe test in Chilipeppr, probing stops and the probe point coordinates are returned. Ok, next step to go and probe the grid I set up.

  5. The problem is when I go on to do the rest of the probing, I get an error from Chilipeppr: “ZProbe triggered before move, aborting command.”

6.I thought my problem with the auto leveling in Chilipeppr was noise, so I set “zprobe.return_feedrate 1” to help, but I get the same error.

I’m closer than I have have ever been to do PCB milling, but not quite there. I now understand that the Smoothie has limitations with grbl, but I was hoping I could get it to work without having to go to a different controller.

I found this work space for the Smoothie: https://github.com/jarretluft/workspace-smoothie. I have no idea how to use this information. I’ve tried, but it obviously assumes that the user has a knowledge of how to implement, which I do not.

@Justin_Adie Any help with finding a work space would be appreciated. I found one thru a Google search but do not know how to use it. See my reply post.

Try the workspace that I wrote a year ago. No idea of current state but you can always fork from that and make it work for you


@Justin_Adie I tied this link but the display shows up much different. I get a lot of “Edit in JSFiddle” on the screen. I don’t get any of this if I use the /grbl workspace. What am I doing wrong?

Oh. I must have created that workspace before jsfiddle changed its URLs.

You should be ok taking the code from the jpadie workspace and just changing the URL to pull in the smoothie widget rather than the grbl. The other widgets should not care although I recall that autolevelling wasn’t supported in the same way on smoothie

@Justin_Adie I hate to be so dense, but how exactly do I go about implementing what you wrote? I have no idea how to do pull in widgets, etc. I have looked for docs, etc. but I must be missing something.

I finally got bcnc to work. I had a learning curve but it is now working. It took a lot of time. I hope to be able to get Chilipepper running as well.