I'm running a DIY cnc with TinyG from a Windows 10 machine.

I’m running a DIY cnc with TinyG from a Windows 10 machine.

Just bought the Shuttle Xpress without realizing that all the great stuff done by @jlauer and @Frank_Graffagnino was in/for Linux. My bad.

Has anyone made it work in Windows?

If not, I’m willing to give it a go if someone can give me some input on where/how. I’m (allegedly) a programmer by day; but the truth is, I’m more database dev than real programming. So any input is helpful.



Can you be a little more specific on what “great stuff” you are referring to as not working?
Chilipeppr and the numerous enhancements from Frank and others is a WEB implementation, mostly in JavaScript and running in a browser.
About the only ‘Linux’ exclusive subsystem here is SPJS on RasPi.
There is no Windows environment for RasPi that I am aware of, but RasPi hardware is as close to ideal for the SPJS application as you can get. There is an SPJS build for Win10 that runs fine, if that is what you want.

If perchance you are trying to run Chiilipeppr on the Win10 Edge browser, that may not work well, as MS does not give a hoot(it seems) about rigid JavaScript compatibility. Chilipeppr runs fine, for me anyway, on both Firefox and Chrome browsers on Windows10.
There are similar reports of success on Safari for Mac/Osx.

Sorry, should have been clearer. I’m running all on Windows 10 without issue. I’d like to add the Shuttle Xpress for jog/shuttle. The great stuff I was looking at was a driver/interface for the Shuttle Xpress to SPJS/ChiliPeppr.
As far as I can tell (and I am probably wrong) that particular combination doesn’t play as expected.
I can configure the software that comes with the Shuttle Xpress to send keystrokes and/or mouse actions. I can’t figure out how to teach it to behave as it does in the linux realm with SPJS/ChiliPeppr, eg. button 1 switches to X axis, jog moves x axis.

I now understand what you need, but can’t help, no experience there. When John stops by, you’ll get an answer on next steps.