I'm rather surprised nobody has posted about this in the community yet! (Edit:

(ThantiK) #1

I’m rather surprised nobody has posted about this in the community yet! (Edit: I am an idiot, I missed it!) Modio is a 3D printing app for the iPad (soon to come to Android as well…so they claim) which allows you to create these little snap-together posable toys. We’ve been playing with them at work and they are awesome! Seriously can see something like this becoming “3D Printing’s Killer App”.

(Billy) #2

It was posted yesterday. https://plus.google.com/100163728407567887505/posts/GauvtDMuvL2

(Tim Sills) #3

I’d done some iOS development in the past and had considered a similar idea. It was along the lines of letting you create a robot by mixing and matching the pieces (like Modio), but then I’d print and ship the product to you. The commerce aspect is seamless in the Apple eco system for digital products, but what I haven’t seen much is where people leverage it for tangible goods. Wouldn’t be surprised if there isn’t something buried in the T’s&C’s that prevents it.

(Denys Dmytriyenko) #4

Can’t wait for Android version!

(Rojer Wisner) #5

@Tim_Sills . What do you mean by leverage as tangible goods? You can print them out to assemble.

Download industry standard STL files pre-arranged into print plates that match the size of your desktop 3D printer.”

(Tim Sills) #6

@Rojer_Wisner , I was talking about something I’d been kicking around with the idea that I’d print the final product, but capture the price of the good through the application via an in-app purchase. So it was more geared to those who didn’t have a printer. I saw somewhere recently where someone else also did it but was using I think Shapeways to print the items.

(Liam Jackson) #7

@Tim_Sills You can use PayPal or whatever for physical goods, that get shipped to the customer. But purchases for non physical goods it has to go through apple! I’m sure they wouldn’t mind taking their (High) percentage if you wanted to use it for physical goods though!