I'm proud to present my new CNC3040.

I’m proud to present my new CNC3040. In this video you see all my Changes for our complete solution to made a PCB with Chilipeppr and XDisPlace.

Very exciting. Thanks for sharing this journey with us. Great stuff!

@Frank_Graffagnino thank you Frank!

Hi @Frank_Herrmann ​, I’m glad to see your 3040 working with TinyG. Did you wire the limit switches NO (which is default for 3040, I guess, but not as much noise resistant) or NC? And if NC, do you use external pull-up resistors and what value?

The funny thing, i guess i use NC switches. they work only correct with NO Settings. Maybe a mistake or magic :slight_smile:

My 3040 got limit switches wired NO, but the default TinyG2 (gShield mounted on top of ArduinoDue, as I don’t have TinyG board yet) firmware I was using is by default compiled to NC. I recompiled it with NO settings but then got some other issues and finally reverted to grbl (gShield mounted on top of ArduinoUno and not ArduinoDue).

I am thinking about rewiring limit switches to NC with external pull-ups (something between 300 Ohms and 1k) plus maybe an RC filter circuit, if I still find it necessary with shielded cable and give TinyG2 another try. That was the reason I was asking this question.

Can’t wait your next :video_camera:.

As far as i rembember tinyg are delivered with pullup resistors on board. Try to put a 100nf cap between the wires.

Awesome stuff Frank. I was wondering how you were going to do that plate mount and now I see those two large 13mm bolts at the back that you just snuck through the open area, meaning you didn’t have to drill any holes. Did you drill that hole in the front for that angle bracket? I need to make one of those plates too soon, but I need a larger one to hold laser diodes, so I think I’m going to do aluminum.

@jlauer hey john, thank you! The threaded bolts are M10, but yes the Solution are very simple.