im printing parts for a single sheet frame i3 and im not sure about

im printing parts for a single sheet frame i3 and im not sure about the extruder. I have 2 geared steppers, 2 mini hyena and 2 jheads, i was thinking about making a dual extruder i3, or i can go simple and use only 1 extruder. Any recommendation about a compact extruder design?.

I’d probably go with something liiiiiike, this:

And thennn…something like this:

Of course those are just quick match-ups. Look for “dual prusa” on thingiverse search, and you’ll find some derivatives that might serve you better for 3mm/1.75mm – Also, I don’t know of any current acceptable way to mount whatever type of motor setup you have to the frame of the i3, but I’m sure you can figure something out.

If you are going with dual extruders I would sugger a Bowden system to reduce the weight on the head.

bowden sounds good, but i want to use what i have here, i dont want to spend more money on tubing and fittings, at least not now.

Then go with a single nozzle.

As @Shachar_Weis says, then go with a single nozzle. Putting geared steppers side by side means you won’t be able to get the nozzles close together, you’ll be carrying an AWFUL lot of weight on the X axis, and it’ll cause problems all around.

If you go dual extruder, tri extruder, etc - bowden tube is the best option. (basically the only option imho)

Thank you guys, will do what you said, single extruder now, bowden in a future.

what sort of geared stepper do you have ? you can look into this. I made a little modification to the extruder to fit my needs, but it’s working good in dual extrusion with pg035L.

I have the 1:30 relation ones (ω-12v-0-4amp-0-6nm/)

hole pattern is different, so i need to modify that (im learning openscad, so it will take time)


Ok, I believe the dual extruder in the prusa git single-plate folder is for this type of motor, you can try.

Yes, saw that, they look closer, so, it might work, but also want your mounting option for jhead, so, i guess that i should try to mix both.


So, instead of modifying the extruders i will make an printer adaptor plate. I made one, but the holes are wrong, so i have to modify the code and test it again.

if the holes are wrong with the xcarriage from the git of prusa, you can try in the git of einstein for the xcarriage