Im printing my first substantial piece.

Im printing my first substantial piece. Im printing the pink panther bust, I noticed something interesting.

The start everything was fine (below where I had tested Z up to) This is the first tall piece.

1.5 inches off the heated bed is where things get tricky. When my heat kicks off , about 4 mins later I hear CRACK ! It is nothing bad just a layer split on her thigh, I didnt notice what happened or why. Another inch prints and again my heat kicks off 4 mins before.

I kicked the heat up to make it kick off less, what do you know so far no more pops, though I think I heard a slight one, its been twice the layers as before.

Your ambient temperature on tall prints is really important , 1-2 degree drop will separate layers.

80 degrees F seems to be the key. 79 and things pop.

Also, too low of a printing temp will cause layers to adhere poorly. There’s a fine balance.

I’ve been thinking about making a plexiglass printer box to solve this on my printrbot