I'm printing in ABS and when it gets to the upper part of my

I’m printing in ABS and when it gets to the upper part of my part it starts to go to crap. Is there anything I can change to make this top part come out better. I’ve tried slowing it down but that doesn’t seem to help much

I would start with putting that bushing back into its place. Then going further and holding the phone landscape. On top of that, don’t let the heaterblock stay over the same place all the time. Isolate the block, print the part multiple times simultaniously, or reduce the temp. Cooling it with a fan should help, too. But its ABS so with the cooling you have to be carefull.

I don’t have a cooling fan on my printer so the best I could do is use a box fan. I’m thinking about adding another part next to it to see if it will cool the part a little before the next layer

What temperature are you printing at? I go as low as 220C with ABS to counter this sort of problem. If that is insufficient you can reduce print speed or print multiples and, as a last resort, you can use a supplemental cooling fan as you would for PLA.

set a minimum time per layer. When it gets to the smaller ones it will slow down. That is just printing too fast (too hot by the time the extrduer comes back over)

@Mark_Tomlinson that can backfire, causing the hot nozzle to remain over already-molten plastic too long – not allowing it to cool down.

Wow, I’ve never seen that. Lower the bed temp? Is it enclosed? Let some air in.

Best quick fix for you would be 1) fix that LM8UU :wink: and then add another object next to it to print as well. It wastes a little filament but will give your head time away from the main print so that it can cool down. @ThantiK is right about how just raising the min layer time won’t get you what you want.

I like it, how everyone is telling the same stuff that is already written in the first answer :smiley:

@Neil_Darlow Im printing at 220C @Greg_Nutt I do have a plastic bag over the printer to keep everything warm inside.

The bearing I have on the rail is just an extra

I added a part to waste some plastic and let the part cool and that seemed to do the trick. I also took it out of the bag so the part can cool a little durning print.

Thank you everyone for the advice :slight_smile:

@Nathan_Walkner ​ It is a little. I’ve tried hair spray and I’m currently using ABS juice which normally does so well I almost can’t get the prints off

ABS is too hot. Guy recommending setting minimum time per layer has the right solution in mind.

I have another suggestion. I avoid overhangs beyond 40° wherever possible. It improves my yield no end.

@Duncan_Gunn I normally do when I can and i wish i could for this part