I'm preparing to release Teensyduino 1.25.  Is there a recommended copy or branch of

(PaulStoffregen) #1

I’m preparing to release Teensyduino 1.25. Is there a recommended copy or branch of FastLED that supports both Teensy-LC and 3.1 well? I’d really like the include the best, most up-to-date FastLED with 1.25.

(Daniel Garcia) #2

Grab the 3.1 branch - it’s on the verge of becoming master (mostly some housekeeping to do with it).

It fully supports the lc now (managed to rewrite the clockless chipset code for m0 - full support, accurate timing, and still have the dithering/scaling)

(PaulStoffregen) #3

Today someone reported LC working with 24 MHz clock, but not 48 MHz. Any ideas? Maybe an old version??

(Daniel Garcia) #4

Not sure - especially since I did all my dev/testing with a 48mhz clock teensy-lc. I suggested that they grab the latest 3.1 branch and i’ll also try re-testing the teensy-lc stuff later today or tomorrow.

(Daniel Garcia) #5

(Paul - does your forum software allow alerts on post/comment keywords? I had a google alert going for FastLED that for a while was getting me forum posts, but lately it has failed to do so, which means I need to remember to check the forums (yours and adafruit, amongst others) for new posts from people w/problems)

(Daniel Garcia) #6

Also - just threw some hardware together and verified that with FastLED3.1 both 24 and 48Mhz teensy LC works fine.

(PaulStoffregen) #7

Thanks for checking!

I’m not aware of any special alert stuff on the forum. Soon (for some definition of “soon”) we’re going to migrate the forum from vbulletin to xenforo. Not sure if that’ll help, but it’s probably not worth much effort to fiddle with vbulletin which is going away soon.

(Luminous Elements) #8

@PaulStoffregen (and @Daniel_Garcia ), if the forum has an RSS feed, you could set up a trigger in @IFTTT to parse new posts.