Im NOT putting this here to promote it or Takerbot.

(Joe Spanier) #1

Im NOT putting this here to promote it or Takerbot. But check out the discussion. TakerBot is now VOIDING warranties for using 3rd Party filaments. wtf? Killing innovation much?

(Whosawhatsis) #2

I hadn’t heard about the third party filament thing, but it’s not a big surprise if it’s true, and another big reason not to buy a from them. Do you have a reference for that?

(Joe Spanier) #3

I don’t. Massdrop said in the discussion that they did confirm it is true from makerbot support. They said that without controls on the filament you run they can’t guarantee the extruder. I have a contact with makerbot corporate through my job I may contact about that.

(Whosawhatsis) #4

“Can’t guarantee” is different from “void warranty”. That said, I have seen that any disassembling of the extruder mechanism to clean/unclog it does void the warranty.

(Daniel (ShadowDrakken)) #5

That’s a bit like voiding a laser printer’s warranty for using 3rd party toner (bad idea anyway, but really?) or paper. Ridiculous.

(Joe Spanier) #6

From Massdrop support-
Thanks for your feedback, can you share a link of the the warranty being voided if 3rd party material/filament is used? I don’t see it on their site or any of the legalese.



Edit: Just called customer support, yes, warranty will be voided if 3rd party filament is used. Reason being, they don’t know the quality of the other filaments being used if the extruder breaks.

(Nathaniel Stenzel) #7

So instead of voiding the warranty on the hot end, they void it on the whole printer? I bet their customers must be regretting buying their product.

(Karan Chaphekar) #8

If you use bad filament then they should not give free replacement.that should be the stance. I don’t know how they handle warranty.if my extruder clogs then will you give me free smart extruder for free or I have to pay? @Whosa_whatsis how you handle this on deezmaker. I want to know how warranty on 3rd printer work as I always build mine and didn’t bought one

(Jasper Janssen) #9

The legal language in their T&S is pretty clear — they void warranty on the extruder, not the machine as a whole. Not unreasonable.

(Daid Braam) #10

With some of the crappy, and potentially dangerous filaments out there. It’s not strange at all. While not written down, I expect the same from Ultimaker. If you block up your nozzle with LayWood, it’s not our fault.

(Daid Braam) #11

(Not that LayWood is crappy, it’s awesome. But it can turn into charcoal like stuff if you let it sit hot for very long)

(Sanjay Mortimer) #12

At E3D we see all sorts of problems from duff filament. We can’t control that variable.

We take the line that it should print the reasonable majority of filaments that are of the appropriate diameter etc, and we also see that some filaments have god knows what junk thrown in them that causes hotends to jam.

If its the filament causing the problems we help the customer find filament that works. We also help them un-jam/clean out/unblock the hotend, but there is a certain level of responsibility that sits on the users shoulders to put appropriate material into their machine.

(Joe Spanier) #13

You could also buy 3 v6s for the cost of one smart extruder. And if a tip jams up to the point where its a complete loss its 12$ and 5 minutes to change it. You guys do good work @Sanjay_Mortimer