I'm not ever getting the MakiBox I paid for, am I, Makible ​?

(Andy Castille) #1

I’m not ever getting the MakiBox I paid for, am I, @Makible ​?

(Jon Gordon) #2

You chose… Poorly. wishes he could put in the image of the Indiana Jones knight

(Nigel Dickinson) #3

You could still buy one a firm has taken control of the stock.

(Volker Klaffehn) #4

You’re a bit late :slight_smile: Makible has long gone, I lost my money, too :frowning:

(Jeff DeMaagd) #5

Sorry, they’re long gone.

I know a backer that actually got one and he wasn’t happy with the design, it’s nowhere as sturdy as an external frame should have been. I understand that many backers didn’t even get one at all.

(ThantiK) #6

Makibox announced their dissolution over a year ago I think.

(Adam Steinmark) #7

At least you didn’torder a Cobblebot. They’re suing their own customers.

(Steven Lascelles) #8

I’d did actually receive my Makibox. Purchased with the intention of getting an inexpensive schooling on 3D printing. Spent a fair amount of time trying to address shortcomings with the linear motion, extruder and hotend. I did manage some relatively good prints, though when you’re constantly treating the symptoms rather than the cause… you’re better off putting time and resources into a “tried and tested” platform… After a few months I grabbed some lengths of Makerslide and OrdBot Hadron was born. There is no substitute for having a rigid foundation to build upon. I sincerely empathise with all of the paying customers left out of pocket with nothing to show. This was meant to be an affordable beginners foray in 3D printing…With a cup is half full outlook, if the Makibox fiasco din’t completely dissuade one’s enthusiasm and financial ability to acquire a first printer, you’re pretty much guaranteed that no matter what machine you purchase, it will be far superior to a Makibox. :wink:

(Volker Klaffehn) #9

I also got a used makibox as my first printer, and I just have finished my second self made machine, which prints much better than my makibox

(Camerin hahn) #10

If you are planning on getting a low cost printer that will actually get to you, and will print better than a makibox… Get a printrbot play.

(Adam Steinmark) #11

@Camerin_hahn I’d say spring for the Printrbot Simple Metal. I think the build area of the play is too small. Only resin printers should have that tiny of a build area. The Simple Metal has much better possibilities. I will say the Play is beautifully and sturdily built. @Thomas_Sanladerer even stood on it while it was printing.

(Camerin hahn) #12

@Adam_Steinmark if he was okay with a makibox… The play should be enough.

(Adam Steinmark) #13

@Camerin_hahn Fair enough

(Andy Castille) #14

I ordered the MakiBox two years ago, paid $300, nothing. Ordered the Printrbot Simple Metal last December and it’s the best thing ever :slight_smile:

(Adam Steinmark) #15

@Andy_Castille Great choice :slight_smile:

(David Aden) #16

@Andy_Castille I had a similar experience. Ordered a Makibox somewhere in late 2013 or early 2014, never got it. Ordered a Printrbot Simple recently, and yep, totally awesome. : D