I'm new to making pcb's,

I’m new to making pcb’s, in fact I haven’t make my first successful one yet. It’s been a long learning curve. I was happy to find ChiliPeppr after searching for a solution to my traces either not touching the copper or digging in too far. Now my problem is that my board has several traces over 30mm long. They’re straight so the gcode makes a leap from one end to the other. Because of this, ChiliPeppr has not intermediate steps to adjust Z. The result is the problem I started with, starts good but is far too deep on the end. Does anyone know a solution to this problem. Thanks, Dennis

Looks like the code just replaces existing Z values. It also looks like a bit of a change to compare previous z value changes and insert one or more new z value, maybe based on the matrix size. Can you code? This is from Github…

/ set new line to current line just as a starting point
// it will get overriden if we modify
newgcodeline = item.args.origtext;

                // see if has z value
                var txt = item.args.text;
                //console.log("working on item:", item);
                if (txt.match(/z/i)) {
                    // yes, there's a z value

This was always a wish list feature to add, additional code to break up longer lines. There is a method in http://three.js to ask for points along a line. So the feature would not be that hard to add, but you would have to add code to know when to inject even more gcode lines to break long lines apart. Anybody up for the task?

I took a look at this about four months ago and wrote some preliminary code dealing with linear interpolation. I didn’t cater for arcs and didn’t test it either.

I will pick it up again when I have a moment. Unfortunately a brief search doesn’t even uncover the draft code!