I'm looking to get into 3d printing.

I’m looking to get into 3d printing. Would anyone be able to give me some advice as to what products I should look at within the inexpensive category?


Read this: http://reprap.org/wiki/The_incomplete_reprap_beginner's_guide , http://reprapbook.appspot.com/

You need to define in expensive, criteria, and print volume.

Do you want to assemble it yourself or do you want to buy a printer ready2go?

Yeah, a HUGE difference, a DIY printer comes as low as $300, cheapest ready2print kits are starting at about $1000. You should check out those documents if you want to build one yourself.

Before you buy, you should look for reviews of the printer, by that vendor. Since many printers are open-source, some makers are not as honest as I would like. Look at build times for the kit, some kits have absurd build time. That being said, to get a brief look a few different printers check out http://3dprinter.net

Checkout Mendel90 from NopHead. He is based in the UK and sells a great kit.

http://www.3ders.org/ has a price comparison which you may like.