I'm looking to get a ox machine but I'm undecided on the spindle e.g

(Ryan Lovejoy) #1

I’m looking to get a ox machine but I’m undecided on the spindle e.g 400w air cooled generic motor or a dewalt or bosh hand router. Can anyone give me some advice?

(Todd L) #2

I had the Bosch Colt router mounted to my OX but I recently switched to the PerformX router from Menard’s… It was on sale for 40 buck’s with variable speed’s… I needed to have the ability to slow down the 10k rpm but still maintain the ability to do 25k rpm… All in all, it cheap but it work’s.

(Michel Pollet) #3

Hey Ryan :wink: I have an Ox, and I use the same spindle as is on the Shapeoko ar rlab: the 1.5KW chinese one…

(Brandon Satterfield) #4

Just watch deflection with the big guys. I machine aluminum with the 400, others turn too fast for my speeds and feeds.

(Matt Herrera) #5

I don’t have experience on a CNC with anything larger than the 400w spindle but for cutting wood I have had no issues with it. I’ve only cut pine, mahogany, and MDF so not sure on the harder woods how it will fare but I’ve been completely happy with it so far. As Brandon satterfield mentioned he even uses it to cut aluminum which is what he did to cut the gantry plates on my OX and I was pretty impressed with those. The bigger routers have more power but are also allot heavier on the Z-Axis. Not sure if you can control the Bosch/ dewalt routers with the PWM the way you can control the 400w spindles. If I want to cut at 10k rpm I just input S 10000 and there it is. I’m sure there and pros a cons either way you go. Oh one last thing, my spindle is super quite. I sometimes work late at night 10pm ish and I can close my garage door and you barely hear the spindle cutting. The larger routers are much louder. Ok I’m sounding pretty bias here but I like my spindle haha.

(Ryan Lovejoy) #6

Thanks for the advice, I will have to think on it a bit more. It would mainly be for wood but aluminum would be a nice option. Michel I have not been to rlabs for ages might have to pop in and have a look as they did not have this when I went in

(Ryan Lovejoy) #7

@Michel_Pollet ​ I’m likely to go for one of these motors, how have your wiring set up with this? Just after some advice before I start wiring up now I have built the frame.