I'm looking for a version of the  "alu-frame.dxf" file that can be imported into

(Tim Odell) #1

I’m looking for a version of the “alu-frame.dxf” file that can be imported into Sketchup. The github (https://github.com/josefprusa/Prusa3-vanilla/blob/master/src/alu-frame.dxf) is a dxf which won’t import nicely. Does someone have a tool that will convert it to more standard, importable file type?

(william foster) #2

what file you want ?

(Tim Odell) #3

The file in my post

(william foster) #4

@Tim_Odell but what type of file to you want.
because .dxf is the standard for 2d files.

(Tim Odell) #5

Oh I see what you are saying. Anything importable to Sketchup really.

I think .stl would be good. I want to retain the exact hole positions

(william foster) #6

i extruded it out to 3mm in solidworks https://www.dropbox.com/s/a1e3wy2aayidld4/Part8.STL?dl=0

(Tim Odell) #7

This is awesome William. Thank you. Question. Do you know why there are so may extraneous vectors when importing into sketchup?

(william foster) #8

@Tim_Odell i guess it’s just the way solidworks exports stl, if sketchup works with .step files i could give you one of those to try.

(william foster) #9

also i found that only sketch up Pro works with .dxf.
so i guess you could get a free trial of that.

(Tim Odell) #10

Yes that is true. I just have to Delete a LOT of extra vectors from your file. I am much appreciative however, dont get me wrong.

(Camerin hahn) #11

Try open scad in the future. It will give pretty clean stls