I'm looking for a ~80% translucent filament with a "smoked black" color to it

I’m looking for a ~80% translucent filament with a “smoked black” color to it - either PET, PLA or PC. Anybody know where something like that would be available for purchase?

If PETT is OK, the black T-Glase is pretty close to that, it gets a nice smoky slightly bronze translucent color for thin-walled parts.

Dredged up picture of some vases made in it: https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-uLY-C4f7ONs/UyyiRezbYZI/AAAAAAAASvg/ZWoEuXpYn4w/w744-h558-no/IMG_20140321_155708.jpg

@Paul_Eberhart that’s the one! I knew i had seen that look somewhere.

Yup the Black T-Glase is awesome and pretty much exactly as you describe. Prints beautifully too!

T-glass+E3D @Thomas_Sanladerer = winning.

Now I’m curious…Whatcha working on?

Always excited to see your projects.

http://www.winbo-tech.com/mobile/goods.php?id=4151 or same in black

@Brandon_Satterfield i like shiny things with LEDs…

@Maxim_Melcher add $31 shipping and you’re almost up to the price of T-Glase (well, for 1kg instead of 500g). But the Winbo might be opaque.

@Thomas_Sanladerer I have already 5 kg filament from Winbo. It is translucent and very good quality. Buy more and have cheap shipping.


The photo is poor quality, sorry, but You can see, tehe PETG is translucent… grey is similar to

I haven’t tried it but just noticed this “transparent black” PLA (they also have an ABS version)