I'm looking at the APA102's and considering FastLED.

(Colin Harrington) #1

I’m looking at the APA102’s and considering FastLED. Does it support parellell output for the APA102 aka dotstar LEDs?

(Daniel Garcia) #2

Not yet - mostly because the apa102 default data rate is high enough that it blows parallel ws2812 out of the water, so I haven’t had a lot of motivation to do it yet. That said, there is a way to drive four apa102 lines on the teensy 3.x, not in parallel, but all in hardware, documented here: https://github.com/FastLED/FastLED/wiki/SPI-Hardware-or-Bit-banging

(Colin Harrington) #3

It’s more of a wiring issue wanting them treated as separate strips vs daisy chaining them all together

(Colin Harrington) #4

Thanks for the pointer on the SPI + Teensy

(Justin Onimus) #5

You can run multiple controllers on different pins. Scroll down to “Multiple led arrays”…

(Daniel Garcia) #6

However, multiple controllers is different from parallel output (parallel output gives you performance improvements from writing out the multiple lines in parallel vs. serially, one after the other)