I'm just trying out the BRD import feature in the grbl workspace.  My board

I’m just trying out the BRD import feature in the grbl workspace. My board comes in with pads and vias, but I don’t see the traces. I’m using Eagle 6.5 on Mac with Firefox. I haven’t set up the serial port server yet. I’m just looking at the interface and what it can do. Any tips or ideas?

Hi Chris,
On the Render tab what did you select for Inflate Milling Path By?? It looks as though the paths are JUST paths.

It’s at 0.35mm, which I think was the default.

It looks like it’s generating the top of the board but I need the bottom. Is there any way to do that without altering my file?

Yes but it needs to be mirrored, correct?

I’m not understanding how that works… Changing my traces to top side does not mirror the board when it comes into ChilliPeppr.

I’m not complaining. I was asking for advice. I am not an eagle pro, but I do work with open source software for a living. Thanks for your opinions.

The problem is I have not gotten around to supporting the bottom side of a board. So the trick is to use eagle’s mirror method. I also haven’t gotten around to adding drills. So this feature is amazing but still needs some work.