I'm just getting started with http://chilipeppr.com/grbl looking at the schematic from:

I’m just getting started with http://chilipeppr.com/grbl
looking at the schematic from:
I was able to get the x,y,z step and direction pin-out information.
With this setup I am able to jog the spindle head around in all three axes.
I seem to be having some issue with GRBL set up file, when I press the “Save Settings to GRBL” nothing seems to happen.
I also have not yet figured out which Arduino I/O pins to attach the limit switches to.

I live in Shenzhen China. I got this 6040 mill from a friend of mine who works at one of the factories that manufacture them. It would be fun to export mills with the tinyG built-in. But first I have to figure out how to make it work on my machine. One of my issues could be that all Google services are blocked in China so I need to use it through a VPN.

I think the settings on the arduino are saved automatically so if you type them in and typing $$ shows them, I think you are good. If you power off the arduino and power it again and it remembers the settings, that’s all you need. I’m not sure what that button does, but I don’t ever use that. Just type directly in the GCODE commands window the $ commands to change the settings.

Thanks for the advice. I managed to get it to work. But only occasionally. Now I think my real problem is slow Internet.

@Tully_Tully that machine is gorgeous. I’ve been wanting that spindle for my 6040. I don’t think that parallel port setup is worthwhile for how gorgeous that machine is. Did you watch my 6040 ChiliPeppr video on Youtube? I’ve been thinking that a company should export these 6040’s with TinyG and ChiliPeppr ready to go but with all sorts of extra goodies built in like a Raspberry Pi embedded with Wifi and a webcam mounted near the spindle for fiducial detection, etc. We should talk.