I'm Just curious but where can you buy a K40 laser unit?

I’m Just curious but where can you buy a K40 laser unit? I bought this crazy machine and of course Gearbest sends me a defective Controller board. currently they are refusing to send me the crazy part that i need.

Ebay. There are many many that ship from the states , for around $330 shipped. Just search for 40W laser

@Eric_Flynn ok? As I only paid about $190 for the thing shipped! Shipping being $30

If it doesn’t work it’s a 190$ paper weight with a 2.5w laser on it

@Alex_Krause yep

@Jonathan_Davis_Leo_L You can use any CNC controller on it. Some are as cheap as $25 including arduino and driver board.

Yah I have seen the grbl boards for next to nothing

@HalfNormal that actually are not defective

@Jonathan_Davis_Leo_L What made you come to the conclusion your device is defective? I know it had an issue , but are you sure there is actually something defective about it, or just not set up properly?

@Eric_Flynn the x-axis port on the controller board doesn’t work even by switching the cables

@Jonathan_Davis_Leo_L if an axis is not working, it is most likely the driver board. I run an x-carve and have swapped out the K40 guts with an arduino and driver board comparable to the $25 setups available. It could be the arduino but I doubt it.

@HalfNormal well it is a clone version

The driver board should be removable. You could try swapping them for one another to confirm if its the driver or not.

@Eric_Flynn I have done that yes and it’s the main board itself. @Ariel_Yahni_UniKpty helped me figure that out.

OK, that would indeed confirm that.

@Eric_Flynn yep,https://goo.gl/photos/D3uTBhL31EPLqLsz6
I do have a video as well

That is an arduino nano with pololu style drivers. All easily replaced. That said, might want to replace with genuine parts.

@HalfNormal okay but I’d not think that that would actually fix it

@Jonathan_Davis_Leo_L You could also replace it with a Ramps 1.4 board and the laser software that can be found on this board for the same price. Lots of luck to you.

@HalfNormal hmm