I'm just assembling the x/y-mechanics.

I’m just assembling the x/y-mechanics. Any tips and tricks to make it move smooth? There is too much tension. I nearly can’t move in x/y direction.

…No belts installed at the moment

It’s harder to move without belts because nothing keeps the sides aligned. Hold both ends and move as close to same on each end as possible. Congrats on your build. Merry Christmas and good luck.

Installing the belts which will force the carriage rods to remain parallel with the outer rods will help it move much better. I loosened all the pulleys, and used some spacers to ensure the carriage rods were parallel with the outside frame before tightening the pulleys on the shafts. Make sure to use some lubricant on the bushings. You will need several hours of break-in to get things running really smoothly though.

@Jason_Smith careful with lube. Only use a very very light oil if anything (sewing machine oil). Bushing are oil infused from the factory. The belts are the real key, and yes square the gantry before tightening the pulleys. I agree a break in is required. There are a few breaking gcodes floating around.

Getting the bushings well aligned also helps. Have a trick for that…

missing/deleted image from Google+

Thank you, @Tim_Rastall . I will try this now. But way to long video for this small trick :wink:

@Florian_Schutte well, I was vblogging progress as I went :p. Feel free to make an abbreviated version.

I think using a stick or some other jig for measuring the distance could be useful for making sure the parts are equally spaced, which is important for parallelism and smooth movement. @Eclsnowman ​ did this?

@SirGeekALot yup. I printed a spacer that went between both side rods and the crossbar. Can’t find my file though.

Doh! Oh well. But the size of the jig is not as important as just having the spaces be the same, so even a simple dowel or block of wood could suffice once you’ve cut it to roughly the right length. Then use it to adjust your rod spacing.

Heres one I have, https://drive.google.com/a/heddle.net/file/d/0B0IDRYw_FT29LUh4OVBWZVo3Rlk/view?usp=sharing

Not shared publicly. :frowning:

Oops try again, thought I had done that.

That’s better–got it!

@Tim_Rastall ​ : worked fine. I just reassembled everything and it moves reltively smooth. Now i will finetune with a spacer like @SirGeekALot ​ and @Eclsnowman ​ suggested. After that its time To test my selfmade endless belts.

nice one, cheers. I’ve created one for myself too http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:610215 probably need to be a bit wider as yours

Thanks @David_Heddle and @Alex_Benyuk . Will make them tomorrow out of plywood

interesting, good idea those spacers, ill be making two of wood