I'm interested in building a 3-axis CNC machine that can work half or full

I’m interested in building a 3-axis CNC machine that can work half or full sized 4x8 MDF sheets using either a router or rotozip type tool. Any pointers?

Well for one mate make sure your design incorporates a gantry that is driven from BOTH ends. My prototype machine has a reasonably large bed but the x axis is only driven from one end, the other free wheels along a track. I get issues with Accuracy at the end of its travel. This is defiantly something I will be addressing in the MkII.


I was looking at that very one. How do the buildyourcnc machines fair in comparison to other DIY CNC plans/kits out there? How are their quality and reputation amongst the DIY community?

I can’t say from experience. It’s just the best option I’ve found in my own research for same goal. The slightly higher price than the material list of the free plans appears to be worth it for the documentation. I watched quite a few of the assembly videos. It looks very doable.

CNC router parts has excellent kits. You can purchase their Gecko 540 kit (NEMA 23 motors, drives, ect…) and the electronics are as close to plug and play as you can get. I purchased their 4X8 mechanical kit for my second CNC and I am currently setting up all the electronics for NEMA 34 motors and such. I should be talking to it by the end of next week. With an x64 Windows machine via ethernet smooth stepper.

Link please?


I’m horrible about that, sorry!