I'm having troubles with grbl auto-level.

I’m having troubles with grbl auto-level. It just stop working after the first test point

I see Chrome DevTools and found that a variable call “opacity” is undefined.

Reading the file VM591 I found this two interesting lines(307 to 310):

            o.children.forEach(function iterLayers(lyr) {
                lyr.material.opacity = 0.035;

The opacity variable is declared after there call or I’m wrong o.O.

Someone here can help me fix this? Maybe is a server side problem because of that I can’t do much

This error was reported and fixed a long time ago. Unfortunately the fix has not been made to the main branch of the grbl workspace.

I’d suggest using the /jpadie workspace. This should be backwards compatible with old versions of grbl >= 0.9c.