I'm having trouble with the infil pealing on the inside of my prints.

I’m having trouble with the infil pealing on the inside of my prints. The inside fill does not connect to the inside outline. Anyone know how to fix this?

You may not be suffering the same issue, but when I had this the hobbed was tight enough to do 30mm/s perimeters, but not 60mm/s infill, so it under extruded it. Is your infill faster than your perimeters?

Have you calibrated your extruder so you are extruding how much plastic the printer ‘thinks’ it is extruding? It could not be extruding enough plastic on your first layers. Also check the diameter of your filament. Here is a good read on how to calibrate your extruder and make sure your slicing settings are close to perfect.

I had a similar problem when my hobbed bolt was slipping.

These are usually extrusion problems. Check whether you hobbled bolt is slipping / E is skipping steps, and make sure you’ve properly calibrated E steps/mm

check you’re not suffering a bit of backlash.

Tell your slicer to use a smaller nozzle.

I had a similar problem, to fix I told my slicer that my filament was 1.6 not 1.7

You should only use accurate measurements for filament diameter. If adjusting filament diameter to an inaccurate value fixed the issue, your extruder is not calibrated correctly.

100% an extruder issue, you need to calibrate your E steps/mm.