I'm having trouble keeping the filament in the bowden tub nut trap.

I’m having trouble keeping the filament in the bowden tub nut trap. Is the tubing supposed to just push in there?

I have microstepping set at 1/16 for the extruder motor. Help???

Guess you’re talking about the Hercustruder? I’m not using it but normally to connect the tubing to the nut you put a 2mm drill or similar into the end of the tube to keep it stable and then screw on the nut. It should cut into the PTFE tubing.

Hope that helps!

@Helmi Thanks, I missed that part. Right after posting this, I made that part transparent and saw the nut. My bad!!!

Are you using a 4mm nut?

I was wondering how exactly this assembly went together. Is that what the 8-32 nut is for?

@Bryan_Weaver I changed from the 8-32 back to the 4mm nut. It holds it better.

I’m currently using the 8-32 nut. The extruder was jammed again so I gave up for the day.

What is the recommended way to clean out the extruder?

@Bryan_Weaver Here is what it looks like:

@bcrazycramer I think someone has also made a top piece that integrates a pushfit instead of the captive nut.

@Eclsnowman ​ I did, yes. I can get you the files for that if you like.

This is the piece you’re looking for: http://i.imgur.com/q8SDDek.png
STL: https://www.dropbox.com/s/z153yzn1jmseqhl/Eustathios%20-%20Extruder%20Bowden%20Push-fit%20Adapter.stl?dl=0
STEP: https://www.dropbox.com/s/lrscpza059w6yzr/Eustathios%20-%20Extruder%20Bowden%20Push-fit%20Adapter.step?dl=0

What microstepping setting should I use for the Hercustruder? I haven’t received the 40 watt heater yet so I’m still using the 25 watt heater.

Something is definitely wrong. Seems like it can’t melt the filament fast enough??? I also believe it should be feeding the filament faster than what I have the 1/32 micro stepping set at.

What are your settings? Temps, etc. Also idler tension takes a while to get it right. That’s why I moved to the bondtech. If you want you can buy just the hardware kit from @Martin_Bondeus ​. You can print the housing and use the same geared stepper. I have not had a feed issue since installing my bondtech, and I usually print every day.

I have it at 220C, 1/32 micro stepping. It pushes the filament but seems to have trouble melting it fast enough, even on the slowest speed possible.

I think it must be the 25 watt heater. Not sure what else it could be.

When you say 25W heater, do you mean the heater carriage in the hotend? Aren’t you using the one that came with your E3D hotend?

@Erik_Scott Yes, that is the one that came with my E3D hotend. Should it work with this, or does it need to be 40W?

At 220 the 25watt can keep up, but at 240C I have found the 25watt to be lacking, so I replaced it with a 40watt.

Still not sure why E3D changed to 25watt.

After about 2 days of frustration… I found my problem. The fan that cools the extruder… don’t hook that up with the Extruder heater. Once I moved the fan over with the constant 24 volts, it started working. I didn’t notice the fan shutting off when the extruder got up to temp. Oops.

Now the fan that cools the print or tip. If that is running, I can’t get above 150C. Got any ideas?

I would say get the 40watt heater. That 25watt is crap.