I'm having trouble getting DMXReceiver ( https://github.com/jimparis/DmxReceiver ) to work with FastLED on my

I’m having trouble getting DMXReceiver (https://github.com/jimparis/DmxReceiver) to work with FastLED on my teensy3.2. WIthout any dmx signal the display works fine but as soon as I receive the dmx data, all hell breaks loose on my pixels. They flash randomly. It looks as if the intended display is done but then the led’s goes beserk over that. The dmx values come in as expected, I can see them change on the serial monitor.

Is there an alternative dmx receiver that I can use or does someone have experience on how to make these co-exist.

Before, I have very successfully had the octows2811 library and dmx receiver running simultaneously on my teensy.

Without seeing your code it’s hard to say for sure - but it’s possible the interrupts used for reading dmx data is interfering with your output.

A bit difficult to post the code but I am working on new approach: trying to use the OCTOWS2811 link to the teensy library and set-up. Running the example sketch for this works when I add the DmxReceiver.

The problem that I also use the LedMatrix library (and companions LedText and LEdSprite). This seems to derive the FastLED library but the call to addLeds does not want to work with OCTOWS2811 as a chipset.