I'm having some trouble with mirroring I believe.

(Mark Ellison) #1

I’m having some trouble with mirroring I believe. My extruder homes to the front left of my bed. Here’s a screenshot of the Cura orientation it’s supposed to print in and a couple pictures of the actual print orientation.

What do I need to change in configuration.h? I shouldn’t have to move any of the endstops if I can adjust the config.h right? Thanks in advance!

(Jonathon Thrumble) #2

What board are you using?

(Anton Ovchinnikov) #3

I don’t know to which corner your printer should do home, but you can reverse any axis by swapping 1-2 or 3-4 wires of the stepper motor.

(Mark Ellison) #4

@Jonathon_Thrumble Arduino Mega and Ramps 1.4

(Mark Ellison) #5

@Anton_Ovchinnikov I’ve flipped the connectors of the x axis and the y axis. That reverses the direction. Then I’ve reversed the direction in the marlin firmware. It doesn’t fix the problem because it seems like flipping the connector and reversing the direction in the firmware cancel themselves out.

(ThantiK) #6

@Nate_Walkner no. That’s a garbage “solution”.

@Mark_Ellison you should be homing to the front left of the bed, that is 0,0. If you do an M114 it will tell you what it thinks your current position is.

If it says 0,0, you’re good to go. If it says something other than that, that’s the axis you need to swap. Don’t swap both axis at the same time, that just keeps the problem happening.

You can also do a M119 to see what endstop it thinks it’s hitting. It should be homing to MIN and not MAX. If it’s homing to max, swap it to min and flip the connector, not flip the connector and flip direction in firmware (as you noticed, this just cancels it out)