I'm having serious issues with the "Zero Out Work Z Axis (G10 L2 Pn

I’m having serious issues with the “Zero Out Work Z Axis (G10 L2 Pn Zn)” command in the Z-Axis menu. Problem started about 2-3 weeks ago out of nowhere. The only way to zero the Z now is to hit “Set G54 Zero”.

Now when I try to manually zero out the Z by issuing this command, Chilipeppr enters in some type of offset such as “-23.00” instead of “0.00”. Same thing happens on every layer, from G54 to whatever. I’m on latest SPJS 1.92 and tried on multiple machines.(Win10/7)

Any one else having issues with G10? Thanks!

Yeah, this was my fault. The Pullrequest to revert my changes wait here: Misstake, please revert my last pull request by xpix · Pull Request #9 · chilipeppr/widget-axes · GitHub

@jlauer Please merge this to the main code and then it’s fixed.

Ok, merged your commit.

Appreciate it guys. I use chilipeppr daily and love it. Using G92 as temporary Z zero let’s me get around this for now.

The ChiliPeppr TinyG workspace has been refreshed with Frank’s change. I have not tested it. Can you try it out?

Hi john, the issue seems to be fixed now. “zero out work Z axis” option in the drop down menu is now working on G54 again. Thanks!