I'm having issues with creating gcode in inkscape.

I’m having issues with creating gcode in inkscape. Everything runs great on the simulator, however it takes forever for a program to run. The creator of the “plugin”??? said I had to convert everything to pixels. It will draw a perfect rendering of what was created sometimes (not dimensionaly correct) and it takes FOREVER!!! with a lot of idle time. I’m getting tired of all the free programs that cause so much headache. This is a shout out to Justin P. or anyone that wants to help. I have a solid machine that when I put the CP logo in (mm) it works perfect. What are people using for the design, gcode conversion before entering it into CP? Also I cannot clear an existing program in CP when I take my file and import or drop it into CP. I restart my PC and it is usually always still there. Running widows 3.1. with 256KB expansion memory module and 50MB hardrive. My 5.25 floppy wont save the complete gcode. Yes I’m kidding. Running widows 8. The program has a 150ms pause where it hangs up for a very long time. Also using Arduino Uno with CNC shield. I will try and send a screenshot of the code where it hangs up one of many times.

I don’t think Grbl supports M300, which is on line 8 of your Gcode. You are getting an error from Grbl. So, don’t use M300 in your inkscape plugin. I suggest you use Fusion360 to create your CAM. It’s free and amazing.

Also, you are on Grbl 0.9, which should use http://chilipeppr.com/grbl rather than /jpadie which is mean for Grbl 1.1

If you are conversant in Python you could grab one of the different extensions out there and modify it. For example I modified the python code used in the J Tech Photonics Laser tool extension to work with my Reprap firmware. It needs objects in Inkscape as paths (not bitmaps).