I'm having a few issues getting my z axis to consistently home.

I’m having a few issues getting my z axis to consistently home. I’m wondering if I need a better end stop mount or if the switch has a certain amount of slack. What do you use? Have any issues?

It’s been shown that microswitches have some very very good accuracy. On the same realm of the optos, but occasionally they can hiccup (once in about every 10 homing cycles) - I’d replace the endstop/mount and/or possibly slow down the z homing speed.

Can you describe the problem in more detail? I had a problem on mine due to a bad linear bearing. The problem was not the switch, but that it would bind on the way down. Also, some people zip-tie their end stop, but I noticed there is some give in that case, so I bolted mine down.

The z axis moves freely so binding shouldn’t be an issue. The problem presents itself when printing the first layer as the height is rarely the same from print to print. I have to manually adjust the z axis, up or down to get a decent layer height.

I had trouble with my microswitch moving around on the Z axis. I ended up printing a more substantial holder for it and fixing it in place then attaching a locking nut to my X axis and using a bolt to adjust the Z axis which has been pretty reliable.

The OpenScad for it is here:

Thanks @John_Cooper_choffee I will have a look at that when I get home.