Im going to have to invest in 3d printer,

Im going to have to invest in 3d printer, and learn cad so i can print up a ring pattern at 103% to accommodate shrink when i lost wax cast it in silver or gold. Any suggestions?

My dad is a goldsmith so I’m used to the techniques with wax. I have a Printerbot and it cannot deliver the fine details as rubber molds, wax or plaster. Your pieces will need more work to get the fine details. However I just printed molds for silicone dampers. Layers down to 100microns is doable. But that is not enough…

Do hobby 3d printers have the resolution you need for jewelery or should you investigate desktop CNC milling/engraving machines instead?

I need to further investigate before answering, that’s partly why I’m here.

I have a YOOCNC 3040 for <1000eur and am replacing all of the electronics (not difficult) to make it reliable. Mechanics are good, 800W spindle is not louder then a sewing machine.
For technical waxes this looks like a good choice on a budget.
Z travel and thus the diameter of parts on the (optional) 4th axis is limited but for jewelry that should be more then enough.
The 4th axis stepper needs replacing as it’s too weak, even for wax.

I’m not aware of any printers in the RepRap or DIY worlds that prints in high resolution wax. Also, CAD is not what you want. You will need something with more sculpting-like tools, such as Rhino or Blender.

This: is an interesting overview of sculpting software.
There are many jewelers on this forum posting about their experiences with the b9creator($3000 kit/$5000 assembled), e.g.:

For jewelry you’ll need a resin printer. Form1 or B9Creator.

@Shachar_Weis VERY expensive material to burn away (hopefully without residue).

Well thank goodness jewelry is usually very small, ha ? Also look at MakerJuice, it’s really not that more expensive than filament. But really you don’t have a choice. You will not get the needed resolution with plastic.