I'm going to buy a heated bed from aliexpress and was wondering the exact

(Ethan Hall) #1

I’m going to buy a heated bed from aliexpress and was wondering the exact specs this I what I’m thinking
700 watts
Ac or DC not sure?
And I’ll also need an SSR to match. Any ideas?

(Bijil Baji) #2

cant you get aluminum plate and cartridge heaters for heat bed??
if you go for that you can even get larger sizes.

(Ethan Hall) #3

With the silicone heated bed I can go as large as I need and it will have better heat spreading than having several hot spots with heat gradients around them

(Bijil Baji) #4

thats true

(Eric Lien) #5

Go 120v, and 700w is likely overkill for 330x330. I would say 500w would be the sweet spot for that size. I went 800w for 380x380 but had to tune down max output in marlin to avoid overshoot on pid tuning. I found an equivalent of 700w would have been perfect for the 380x380 size.

Just my 2cents.

(Tim Rastall) #6

Going for 24v is a reasonable compromise as the lower current required should allow you to use standard reprap electronics without an ssr or risk electrocution by wiring a moving part up with mains power.:).

(Ethan Hall) #7

@Tim_Rastall so for a regular ingentis 330mm² is the proper size right?

(Tim Rastall) #8

I used 300mm if I recall but 330 should be fine. The principal constraint is the distance between the Z shafts which is 370 I think.

(Florian Schütte) #9

I ordered a custom one 340x340mm 550W. Powerred directly by 230V main power.

(Ethan Hall) #10

@Florian_Schutte ​ so is that AC or DC

(Florian Schütte) #11

AC Main power regulatrd by ssr

(Daniel F) #12

@Florian_Schutte how is your heater performing? How fast does it heat up? I Followed this an other posts about sizing the silicone heater and it turns out that 0.47 to 0.5W per cm^2 should be the right size.
I plan to heat a 310x310mm, 6mm thick aluminium bed with a 290x290mm silicone heater @230V. I’ll go for 450W.

(Eric Lien) #13

Sounds good. I am still using my old 24v 400w one and heatup on a 3mm plate is fast. AC with 450 watts would be plenty.