I'm getting this noise only when moving in Y at low speeds.

I’m getting this noise only when moving in Y at low speeds. It’s kind of like a chatter/binding sound, but I cant figure out where its coming from, it vibrates the whole machine… any hints? Should I add a little light oil to the rods?

You can try a little oil.

But something else you can try is put a stack of a few post-it notes, or a small chunk of cardboard under one of the corners of the frame base. Then move it to each of the four corners one at a time. See if the noise gets less or more at each corner. You might have a little tweak in the tolerance stackup of the whole assembly. Putting the stack under the corner will put a slight tweak into the frame. And how the noise reacts will help you hunt down where to start looking.

It can also just be a harmonic. Those can be difficult to fix. You can test for that by changing speed, or adding mass and see if it goes away.

When you hear this, also lightly put your hand on the assembly – if you can feel it then it’s binding slightly.

Thanks for the tips… I think I found the culprit, one of the Y belts had too much tension on it, loosened it up a little and it seems to have stopped the problem

Stupid question here… but what is encompassing your bushings? is it some sort of adapter to fit the bushing to the carriage?

@Stefan_Gerkin they are a a self aligning bushing. So think about it as an oilite bushing in a “ball and socket” configuration. The central bronze bushing has a few degrees of misalignment allowance that way.

Oh! ok, thanks @Eclsnowman . I just have standard bushings that fit in the slots of my printed parts. Where would I be able to get those as a replacement?

It depends on the size you need. I usually got mine here:



But they are sdpsi products at the end of the day. So should be available from them or a sdpsi distributor.